Monday, August 17, 2009

Be Sensible!

Look, we all hate it when people use their cell phones, talk, bring small children, eat loudly and bring annoying children (not all children mind you, just the annoying ones that won’t stop crying, moving or talking) at the movie theater, but do we really need another article about how much we hate these things and why? Why not try to do something about this stuff? I for one have seen a lot of excellent ads by cell phone companies before a film starts that remind people to turn off their phones. Check out this cool preview that screened before a showing of Star Wars last year:

Having reminders like this only adds to the movie-going experience for me. They bring a sense of importance to a relatively inexpensive activity.

Now look, I have no idea how to stop some idiot parents from bringing their 8 year-old to Orphan or some other grossly inappropriate film. The most I can think of to do for this is to ask the MPAA to quit sucking so much and start making sense with their ratings. Give us informative blurbs about a film’s content, and don’t give certain films ratings based on some prejudice (studio blockbusters getting PG-13 after PG-13, homosexuality and male nudity getting R after R, etc.)

Now, just for fun, my favorite cell phone ad: